About RetroUSA

Left to right: Allison Green, Daryl Green, Gary Green, Donna Green

How We Began

Gary Green’s life-long passion for cars inspired a son and daughter and even a wife. While still in strollers the kids viewed car after car at weekend car shows. Then there was the purchase of a ’64 Dodge Polara with a Max Wedge and we were literally off to the races. As soon as the kids turned 16 they were smokin tires at the track too. Both Gary and Daryl race the Polara in Pro Street and King of the Hill.

A 15 year stint in the manufacturing of woodworking tools, Performax Products, Inc. prepared Gary for yet another start-up. This time around Gary will be assisted with the expertise of son Daryl Green, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Mankato State University in Automotive Engineering Technology and a SEMA Scholarship recipient. This boy knows his stuff. While Gary can design on paper, Daryl is creating the CAD designs. We can expect a lot of exciting designs from this father and son team.

Our Philosophy

Retro USA is all about taking the retro styling of the 2005-2009 Mustangs, 2009 Challengers and the 2010 Camaro to a whole new level. It started with a brainstorm, one of those middle of the night ideas that wouldn’t go away. So, we did it. Build quality products. Sell them for a fair price. Have fun doing it.