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Technical Information


Retro USA uses the latest prototyping and manufacturing techniques to ensure a quality product. Extensive use of CAD software and rapid prototyping technology guarantee a precision fit and crowd stopping style. Retro USA accessories are produced using only class A tooling and all Chrome-Tech products are trimmed using a 5-axis CNC cutter. Retro USA inspects all products to guarantee that the customer always receives a quality product.


Chrome-Tech accessories use the method of laminating chrome film to TPO plastic. This innovative method is currently used by OEM companies in the form of paint films because of its excellent finish and incredible durability.

TPO Plastic

Exterior Accessories are exposed to harsh weather conditions and chemicals. That is why Chrome-Tech Accessories incorporate TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) Plastic. TPO has many benefits over other commonly used plastics such as high impact resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and superior resistance to UV rays and chemicals. TPO contains rubber molecules which gives the plastic its high impact resistance and incredible durability. This allows the material to bend and flex without the risk of cracking or breaking. TPO’s low coefficient of thermal expansion minimizes warping when exposed to intense heat. TPO’s major benefit over other plastics is its high UV and chemical resistance. TPO is resistant to all road chemicals such as acids, solvents, and road salts. This ensures that your Chrome-Tech accessories will retain its superior fit and finish for many years to come. TPO is used extensively by OEM companies for major automotive components such as fascias, roofs, rocker panels, and door sills.

Chrome Film Advantages

Chrome-Tech Accessories use chrome film laminated to the TPO plastic. The chrome film gives the brilliance of chrome plated steel with added benefits. The chrome film has excellent UV protection, great chip resistance, and superior chemical resistance. The film will never rust, crack, flake, or peel. The chrome film also gives the part additional rigidy. These films are used extensively by OEM companies because of their durability and finish. Also chrome plating is a very hazardous process. The use of chrome film is another step toward going Green.

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